Встречаем новое обновление интересной игры в жанре RogueLike — Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Изменения следующие:

  • Spells that previously operated on spell skill directly have been changed to use spellpower. This affects Death’s Door, Passwall, Sticks to Snakes, Condensation Shield, Ozocubu’s Armour, Stoneskin, Ice Form, and Statue Form.
  • Shatter now always affects the full LOS, rather than sometimes affecting a smaller radius at low Earth Magic skill.
  • Statue Form no longer gives -10 EV.
  • Sublimation of Blood now actually only draws from the caster’s body, rather than using chunks. Really, this time.
  • rPois now gives a consistent 66% resistance against poison effects. This includes ‘being poisoned’ (down from 90%), ‘being hit with curare’ (down from 80%), and ‘direct poison damage’ (up from 50%). “Strong poison” (from e.g. redbacks) is now affected by rPois normally, instead of automatically piercing it at half strength. Wasp poison can also now partially pierce rPois, with a chance to cause slowing when it would have otherwise caused paralysis.
  • rCorr now gives only 50% resistance against the corrosion status effect, instead of 90%.
  • The Mace of Brilliance has become a star – specifically, the +1 Eveningstar “Brilliance”.
  • To drive from Tripoli, Libya to Kano, Nigeria, would require traveling roughly the same distance as a trip from Barcelona, Spain to Moscow, Russia.
  • Torpor Snail slow now ends as soon as they die or break LOS. Their frequency has been reduced considerably in Lair & Spider (now that they’ve had some good testing), and they’ve been moved in small numbers to a few other places.
  • Spriggan air mages no longer cast Haste.

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